Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Princess Dot Puddle Park and Irrigation Station

We have annual passes for Disney and I like to take full advantage by trying to visit at least once a week. My husband has had passes for over 20 years and I've had one for about 10 years. It's funny how there are many things that one can overlook until you become a parent. One of the areas I always bypassed at California Adventure until I became a Mom was Bug's Land and Flick's Fun Fair. What a difference a couple of years make!! It has become a family favorite and a must visit when we head over to California Adventure.

When we visited last week, my children begged to play in the water area at Flik's Fun Fair, Princess Dot's Puddle Park. I was not prepared at all to let them get soaked but I let them anyway. They had such a great time and I know that we will back this summer often to cool off. There is also another spray area at the entrance to Bug's Land and adjacent to Bountiful Farms that was also a big hit with my kiddos. I believe it's known as the "irrigation station". It is seriously fun and my kids were squealing in delight. The kids had a great time and I'm excited that I won't have to spend money on a pool membership or water park when I can just make the most of my passes and have the kids splash around at California Adventure. I now know to be prepared and bring a couple of towels, sunscreen, bathing suits and a change of clothes. If you are an annual passholder or will be making a trip to California Adventure soon, make sure to take advantage of the water areas with your little ones. They are going to love it!!