Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Disney Halloween App for Facebook

Halloween is almost here and I thought I'd share this fun Facebook Application directly from Disney:

Turn yourself into a villain

Disneyland -> http://apps.facebook.com/disney-villainize-dl/entries/new
DisneyWorld -> http://apps.facebook.com/disney-villainize-dw/entries/new

1. Select favorite Disney villain and scene
2. Add a photo (either from FB or uploaded)
3. Position the photo to fit in the image
4. Share your “villainized” self with friends and family

Be sure to comment on the Kids and Mice Facebook fan page here so we can all see your Disney Villain photo!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure

To commemorate the release of Disney's Tron: Legacy this December 7, 2010.  Disney California Adventure park is now featuring the dynamic music and dance, fun food and drink, and the computer-world environment of “TRON: Legacy,” the “ElecTRONica” festivities take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights this fall, plus all week Thanksgiving week, Nov. 19 -28, and nightly during the Christmas vacation period  Friday, Dec. 17, through Sunday, Jan 2. “ElecTRONica” is expected to continue through mid-to-late April 2011.

The adventure will begin in Sunshine Plaza at a “TRON”-themed stage where, at 6 p.m., an exciting music, video and dance show welcomes you to enter the world of TRON.  When the high-powered Sun Plaza welcoming show has concluded, the party will transition into Hollywood Pictures Backlot. You pass through an “ElecTRONica” archway to a street alive with a computerized color grid. There, they will have the sensation of being digitized and transported into the computer mainframe world of “TRON: Legacy.” 

Some exciting features include Laserman, a performer who does amazing tricks to music with impressive lasers and light as well as a re-creation of Flynn’s Video Arcade from “TRON: Legacy.” At Flynn’s, gamers will shoot for the highest scores as they enjoy classic 1980s arcade games.  Another feature is the “TRON: Legacy, Exclusive 3D Sneak Peek” (inside Muppet*Vision 3D). This is a 3D preview of the new movie and it has special effects exclusive to this theater.

All of this Tron excitement is in addition to the weekend performances of World of Color.