Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jungle Cruise

One of our favorite rides in the park as a family has to be The Jungle Cruise in Adventureland. This ride even on busy days has a pretty short line. It's perfect when you have the little ones in tow because we know they hate to wait. The longest I have ever waited is about 15 minutes.

This original attraction(been around since opening day) will leave you with a different experience every time you ride. The journey begins on a riverboat that takes you down the major rivers of Africa, Asia and South America. Your skipper will usually tell silly jokes (my kids eat them right up) along the 7 minute ride. You will come across elephants, lions, zebras, man eating piranas and of course- the back side of water.

This a ride that you will most definitely want to experience more than once. We usually try to ride it twice a day-during daytime and then at night. Totally different experiences but equally enjoyable.

There are no height restrictions on this attraction- we have taken our newborns on this ride before(yes we are obsessed!).

Jungle Cruise is located in Adventureland between Indiana Jones and Aladin's Oassis. Enjoy!!

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