Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's Tough to be a Bug

It's Tough to be a bug is a 9 minute 3D experience that is located inside Disney's California Adventure's - A Bug's Land. The show gives you and your kiddos an insight on what life is like as a bug. Flick is the host of the show and introduces us to a different point of view- Why we should view bug's as friends vs enemies.

I personally like this ride for two reasons. On hot days it is perfect place to beat the heat and because of minimal wait lines. I also love the special effects that the show produces. However, it can be a little too intense for the little ones. My two year old son hates this show and I avoid it when we visit the park. My 4 year old daughter however loves it and thinks it's a riot. I would definitely skip It's Tough to be a Bug if you have a child that is 3 and under. If your kiddo is between 4-5 - I would still be a little cautious. I think this is attraction is best suited for 6 yrs olds and up.

It's a great little show and a little tip- sit towards the middle and latter part of the theater to enjoy the best visual effects. Enjoy!!

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