Monday, July 6, 2009

Pixar Play Parade at Disney's California Adventure

My kiddos are big Pixar Movie fans. In fact, we play at least one Pixar movie a day in our home, sometimes even two or three. As you can probably imagien Disney's California Adventure's Pixar Play Parade is a big hit with my kiddos.

The parade is led by Lightning McQueen from Cars. It then goes on to feature a Monsters inc float that is driven by Sulley. It's followed by the Incredibles foat, Ratoutille float, a Finding Nemo float that features everyone's favorite turtle- Crush, A Bug's life float and ends with a Toy Story float that is out of the world. It is a three part float. The first part features the green toy soldiers, the second features Buzz Lightyear and the final section of the float holds Woodie, Jesse and Slinky Dog. My kids absolutely adore Toy Story and the end of the parade is their favorite.

The parade has a water element that is a welcome surprise in the summer. The floats feature small water jets that shoot water into the crowds. The parade entertainers also squirt the crowd with water guns. The kids go bonkers over this and love getting "hit" by the floats/entertainers. A warning to those that don't want to get wet-If you are sitting or standing in the front of the crowd- You will get wet!! If you don't want to get wet, head over towards the back of the crowd.

The Parade runs from The Sunshine Plaza to the Paradise Pier. We usually like to catch it in The Sunshine Plaza and we will usually plant a blanket and sit down to enjoy the fun. I would recommend you do this about 15-20 minutes before the parade starts. The parade averages about 12 minutes. There is usually only one parade and it usually happens around 5pm. Check your entertainment/parade guide for exact time.

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