Sunday, August 2, 2009

Guest post- Disney Dollars

This guest post comes from the fabulous Lisa, founder of the wonderful blog and website Babes in Disneyland. Lisa is a former Disneyland tour guide, teacher and mother of two little ones. Her website is a must read if you love Disneyland or are heading to the park for the first time with the tiny tots. It's a wonderful resource and filled with fun facts about the park.
Lisa writes
Disney Dollars save the dayDisney Dollars can easily save the day when visiting the Disneyland Resort. You don’t have to get stuck paying ATM when you need cash for items like popcorn, churros, and balloons from the outdoor vendors. Instead, stop by City Hall (located on the west side of Main Street) or the Guests Services lobby (located right inside California Adventure to the east) and purchase Disney Dollars with your credit card, check, or Visa/Mastercard ATM card. Disney Dollars are bills that come in ones, fives, and tens and can be used as cash (the same dollar for dollar exchange) at the Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, Disney Stores, or on Disney cruise ships. At the end of your visit, you can cash in any unused dollars for regular cash or save a few for souvenirs.

I have found that Disney Dollars can save the day in one more fun way that I call the “Disney Dollar Budget.” Purchase an inexpensive Disney-themed wallet before your next trip and fill it with Disney Dollars. (Such wallets can often be found at dollar discount stores.) Kids who want to spend, spend, spend at Disneyland will (hopefully) think twice before parting with their Disney bucks and once they are gone from their wallet, they are gone. Disneyland does sell gift cards, but as an elementary school teacher, I feel that Disney Dollars offer a far more teachable moment for you and your child to discuss budgeting and having to make correct change when purchasing items from store cashiers.

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