Thursday, November 12, 2009

Disneyland MouseWait App for the iPhone

I’m the proud owner of an iPhone (and iPod Touch) and whenever I find an App that makes my life easier, I rave about it to anyone who will listen… but when it’s one that makes your day at Disneyland far more productive, well let’s just say it’s priceless! The best part is this one really is a free App and its called Disneyland MouseWait by (direct link to iTunes store here).

You can get real time waits for all the rides at Disneyland and California Adventure (as entered by other park guests). I love that it tells you what time the wait was posted at so you can make an estimate as to how accurate it still is (i.e. if a Parade has just ended you know a ton of people are going to be making their way to all the rides and will cause an increase in waits). I’ve used this App many times to plan out what rides have the shortest waits so when you head to next ride you don't find out the wait is too long (my husband hates waiting in line, let’s just say it was the boys and I that waited in line for 3 ½ hours on the day the Finding Nemo Submarines opened! I knew there was no way my husband would wait in that line…)

I’ve used this handy App many times trying to figure out how crowded the park is. We frequently head to Disneyland for dinner and a few rides).

One thing that sets this App apart from the other wait time Apps is that this one has far more features than I have seen on the others (I have several now). There are blackout date calendars, live chats and park hours. You can automatically post Facebook status updates, Tweets on Twitter and monitor real time discussions about the parks in a number of ways. You’ll just have to play around to find all the hidden jewels this App has to offer!

More information about the App can be found here.

The reliability of the App is dependent on guests entering accurate wait times, so the more people use the App – the better!

I’m anxious to hear if any of you are also using it!



  1. Yes I love this app. I have downloaded a few and paid for one. This is by far the best! I like the little messages you get too when signing on.

  2. Seriously so cool!! I am going to download it right now. My boys and I literally go to disney all the time. Thanks for sharing!