Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pizza Port at Disneyland and Introduction to Katie!

I was more than a little excited when Aracely asked me to blog over here on Kids and Mice (you may recognize me from OCMomActivities). I think it’s because I’m about 95% obsessed with Disneyland (the other 5% of addiction goes to CoffeeBean & Tea Leaf). We are huge Disneyland fans around our house and go on average of once a week if not more! I’m a working wife and mom of two amazing boys (Brett is 7 and Kyle is 6). Over the years I’ve learned lots of fun tips and tricks about Disneyland and am thrilled to have the opportunity to share them with you! Enough about me - I’ll just dive right in…

The Pizza Port in Tomorrowland is one of our families’ favorite places to eat dinner. There are great options for the entire family at a reasonable cost and we love sitting in the outside eating area at the back (near the entrance to Space Mountain). They have a great selection of fresh salads, excellent pizza (by the slice or whole pizza) and super yummy pastas.

Brett and Kyle love getting the kids spaghetti (with sauce & meatballs on the side). Awhile ago they switched to using whole wheat pastas, which I love. Each plate comes with apple slices and carrot slices and a drink. They also have kid sized pizza and chicken & rice for toddlers. For the adults they have wonderful alfredo pasta, penne pasta and spaghetti.

I always get a fresh salad. My favorite one is posted below (Starfield of Greens), but they have caesar salads, oriental chicken salads and several other choices. As you can see it’s made with real salad greens and super sweet tomatoes and has an Italian Vinaigrette dressing. I love it!

My husband always orders the pizza, below is a picture of the BBQ chicken pizza that is so good! They also have Hawaiian pizza, pepperoni, cheese pizza and other favorites by the slice or whole. Be sure to grab some of the amazing focaccia bread & dipping sauce…

What I absolutely love about eating there is that we as a family of four can eat there for $25 (using the 15% AP discount)!

What’s your favorite thing to order at Pizza Port?


  1. I've never been to the Pizza Port but that is definetly going to be where we eat next time we're at Disneyland. Seeing that pizza makes me hungry, yum!

  2. When my husband ordered it last weekend I must admit I was wishing I had tried it. It smelled soooo delicious and he said it was just as good as it smelled! :)

  3. My husband and I LOVE the Pizza Port! We usually get a slice of pizza each and share a cheese bread with marinara sauce. The kids meals look great, now that my little toddler is old enough, he can have his own Pizza Port meal. Thanks for the yummy post! :)

  4. Also, we normally ask for the tomato sauce on the side to prevent messes. :)